About the Brand

Ipek Akarca is a slow fashion brand highlighting sustainable,
luxury every day wear suitable for every occasion of our modern day living.

Our dream is to add art into our closets with never out of fashion products.

Design fabrics prepared like a painting by using white silk fabric as a canvas, utilizing various batik techniques, brush and brush work.
The founder, Ipek Akarca designs all fabrics in hand at her studio by herself.

Fabric designs has been digitally duplicated from the original
hand-painted copy with the concept of “Usable Art” since 2011.
The brand promotes local artisans and introduces art to our closets.

All our garments are produced in a limited series in order to honour the high quality of the silk created, the artists’ creativity and nature.

The limited series of collections produced as the design edition are with
serial numbers on their tags.



About Ipek Akarca

Akarca’s textile journey began over 30 years ago with an education on Fabric Design in the Fine Arts Academy of Textiles. She started her professional career as a textile designer. Her interest in every stage of production led her to textile production first and expanded to the purchasing and exportation of textiles. Soon after, she established her own independent textile purchasing office. During this time, she supported the collection phases of many luxurious brands.

With her longstanding experience in the field, she transformed her works into a design studio that merges art and production in 2010. Since then, she has been continuing to produce special collections created with her unique silk fabricartworks.